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Re: good plex news

    To this I'd add the following. Clean the contacts on the SIMM's with 
an oxidation remover. Then paint on a little PreservIt; made by the same 
Also, it doesn't hurt to gently blow the socket free of any debris. Be 
attempting to clean the sockets with a brush as the contact pins are very 
and fragile.
    When a Rang makes the kinds of noise, it's invariably poor contact 
the pins and socket of some part. On the Rang, the microprocessor and op 
are also often culprits.
    The products I reference aren't carried by Radio Shack but you'll find 
at an electronics store where a professional tech might shop for parts.

Todd Quincy wrote:

> a few months ago i posted that my plex was scratchy and acting up. I had 
> plex fully loaded with 4 minutes of memory and everything was great 
>until a
> 2 months ago.
> By Shane Radtke suggestions I reinstalled the original memory to test and
> perhaps trace the problem and to my loopers delight all was perfect.
> I've seen others post a similar problem. I suggest you do this before 
> for a repair.
> Todd Quincy
> BC Rich, Kustom, PowerWerks, Davitt & Hanser

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