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Re: Gah, not platform wars again!

>i have been a mac user as well,
>but there are reasons (other than corruption) that windows is king...
>although mac used to rule in the music software scene,
>that just isn't the case anymore.
>they made some of the same mistakes sony made with beta.

this thread is becoming tedious...

i would be more interested in being told WHAT you are doing on WHICH
platform and WHAT software and how it all worked, rather than making bold
statements about WHICH platform is better.  'windows is king'
hahahahahahahahaha...yeah right.  sound vaguely like 'edp vs. jammie vs.
headrush vs. orville vs. kyma vs. my toaster vs. your toaster'?

i can make my DL4 do tricks my bandmate can't, but he plays his jamman and
pds8000 in ways that make me jealous...he's a software guy, i'm a hardware
geek.  he speaks PC, i'm a mac guy.  In the end?  SO WHAT?