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Re: Gah, not platform wars again!

just to add heat to the flame:

i used to be an amiga user
and i have to laugh when mac users claim
superiority over dos.

amiga os in it's day kicked everybodies ass.
but the claims of mac users sound very familiar to me.
they sound a lot like the stuff amiga users were saying just
before commodore went tits up.
i definitely don't want to go through that again.

i have been a mac user as well,
but there are reasons (other than corruption) that windows is king...
although mac used to rule in the music software scene,
that just isn't the case anymore.
they made some of the same mistakes sony made with beta.

i'm sure when lincoln standardized the national railroad system, there were
a lot
of regional rail systems that thought they were being screwed,
but in the end almost everyone benefited from it.
i think it is great that windows has adopted/championed/created open
under the windows platform. and a similar benefit will be/is being realized
as people move
to the new standard.

i think the rule for a new user should be to decide what you want to make
happen and then choose the software/platform that does what they need
the best and cheapest.
you should definitely consider ALL platforms (linix, beos, etc. as well)
before deciding what is best for you.

for me, my windows/intel box does everything i need and
is the cheapest (both software and hardware)

-2 cents for free.

p.s. this is not really off topic.  i use my pc for looping. and i think
general music
        production is of interest to most 'loopers'

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> The MacOS is a "non-preemptive" multitasking OS.  This means that a well
> written, and well behaved, Macintosh program voluntarily gives control
> back to the system at regular intervals so that it can service other
> tasks.  It was pretty good technology in 1984 for a small, consumer
> oriented computer, especially considering that the Mac was light years
> ahead of DOS.  MacOS X is based on Unix and will be a true hardware
> driven multitasking OS.  A smiley Mac face on Unix?  It's about time!
> -Allan
> Tom Ritchford wrote:
> > gnominus@earthling.net wrote:
> >
> > >No MacOS as of yet does multitasking.
> >
> > [blah, blah]
> >
> > Gah, enough of this stuff!  Most of these arguments are completely
> > misinformed (like the quote above -- I'm frequently running a dozen
> > programs at once on a Mac including a web server!) and there are
> > serious problems with all the standard commercial platforms.