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OT: VST Instruments

I know there are a number of Logic Audio users on this page (and VST
instrument manipulators to boot); so I figured that this would be a fair
OT question.

Is anyone using any of Ces Ferrari's VST instruments?  Considering that
there are free versions available of all the betas I suspect there might
be a few.  Anyway, I've been trying to use the CesSynth 5 drum synth and
I'm having some trouble with it.  The instructions provided on the site
are very brief; too brief for a user who's a bit rusty on the MIDI
implementation end of things like myself.  This instrument doesn't
repond to note values, only velocity and instrument voices are assigned
to MIDI channels, 3= Open Hat etc.  How would I go about assigning the
sequencer's polyphonous voices to this device?  Is this achieved via an
environment or in some kind of arrange window action?  I've tried
assigning MIDI channel but I've been unable to get anything but the kick
drum sound.
Any help would be appreciated.



Powerbook G3 (bronze) 400 Mhz, 192 MB RAM
LA Platinum 4.5 (Sound Manager)