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Re: Gah, not platform wars again!

The MacOS is a "non-preemptive" multitasking OS.  This means that a well
written, and well behaved, Macintosh program voluntarily gives control
back to the system at regular intervals so that it can service other
tasks.  It was pretty good technology in 1984 for a small, consumer
oriented computer, especially considering that the Mac was light years
ahead of DOS.  MacOS X is based on Unix and will be a true hardware
driven multitasking OS.  A smiley Mac face on Unix?  It's about time!


Tom Ritchford wrote:

> gnominus@earthling.net wrote:
> >No MacOS as of yet does multitasking.
> [blah, blah]
> Gah, enough of this stuff!  Most of these arguments are completely
> misinformed (like the quote above -- I'm frequently running a dozen
> programs at once on a Mac including a web server!) and there are
> serious problems with all the standard commercial platforms.