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Gah, not platform wars again!

gnominus@earthling.net wrote:

>No MacOS as of yet does multitasking.

[blah, blah]

Gah, enough of this stuff!  Most of these arguments are completely
misinformed (like the quote above -- I'm frequently running a dozen
programs at once on a Mac including a web server!) and there are
serious problems with all the standard commercial platforms.

BeOS would probably be the best OS for looping, as a brutally fast
almost-real-time OS (or perhaps QNX, which is an actual real-time
operating system, though a lot less multimedia friendly...)


what's the longest loop that anyone on this list has ever used
in a piece of music?

For me, it was strangely enough the second or third piece I ever
did, a piece with real tape loops over mic stands and across the
lab... I had one loop that was over 10 seconds and went out into
the hall.  (This was about 1979 -- the music department had a PDP-11
with a 20 meg removable hard drive as big as a washing machine!
So no digital looping...)


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