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RE: The set up

>Seriously though, screw macs. I have a G4 and I know it inside and out,
>hardware and software. I was totally stoked to I get it, but it's a buggy
>piece of crap and overpriced, and I hear so much blind pro-mac nuttiness
>that I'm not afraid to say it any more.
>I'll stop now before I infuriate any more of the large number of mac head
>friends I have on this list. Naturally >your< mileage and theirs may vary.
>Waiting for OSx,

why would you be waiting for a software update that you haven't even tried
out, to install it on your 'buggy piece of crap'?

i use all macs in a graphics production environment, and i am responsible
to keep about 10 macs all up and running smoothly.  The G4's have some odd
glitches here and there, but macs have always been that way to me.  Run 'em
lean and mean as tools to do what you want them to do.  The PC's have just
as many problems and the two platforms are starting to merge (macs going to
PCI, ATA and USB technology and the PC's moving towards much smoother 'plug
and play' implementation).

i need to get into an audio computer soon, and i'm definitely on the fence.
if you hate crashes, software conflicts and glitches and problem solving as
part of your musical creation experience...they all suck.