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RE: The set up

Ditto here.  But one more word before we die.  No MacOS as of yet does
multitasking.  The least thing goes wrong and the whole machine is hosed.
Besides, so many components in the G4 are taken from what was on PCs just
last year, that it really should be considered a PC with a Motorola CPU and
MacOS on it.  If you can afford five G4s and have each one do a specific
task, go for it.  Otherwise, go with Windows NT or 2000 Professional.  As
for OS X, it's just Unix with a Mac smiley-face on it.  MacOS is dead the
minute OS X is out.  OS X will be a viable alternative once it offers a
64-bit Motorola CPU and SCSI-3 HDD for $2,500.  Otherwise, it'll go the way
of the satellite phone system nobody wanted to buy.  As for OS X's
user-friendliness, let's see how the computer-illiterates do with it-- and
with the computer and its peripherals-- before judging.

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  | From: Jonathan El-Bizri [mailto:jonathan@full-moon.com]
  | Sent: Saturday 12 August 2000 10:21 PM
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  | Seriously though, screw macs. I have a G4 and I know it inside and out,
  | hardware and software. I was totally stoked to I get it, but
  | it's a buggy
  | piece of crap and overpriced, and I hear so much blind pro-mac 
  | that I'm not afraid to say it any more.
  | I'll stop now before I infuriate any more of the large number
  | of mac head
  | friends I have on this list. Naturally >your< mileage and
  | theirs may vary.
  | Waiting for OSx,
  | bIz

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From: Kevin Mulvihill [mailto:kmulvihill@mediaone.net]
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Subject: Platform Wars

As someone who's been on a Mac for 8 years and a PC for 8 years, I can say
that there's pros and cons to both platforms. In fact, if we're all honest
here, we'd HAVE to agree with that.

So, please, let's just leave it at that and not have any platform wars...