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RE: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

 >Awright, guys, it's been a week!
 >Pony up with those reviews!

Hey! I only got mine on Thursday! :)

Very short form:

   This is so damn cool.

Short form:

   Excellent sounds, excellent control, excellent onboard effects,
   sequencer is a bit weird (have to write pattern in order to keep it;
   setting the sound/volume/pan/reverb level for the metronome is an
   exercise in patience), *AWESOME* ability to define MIDI control.
   The manual is... typical Roland. :( The sysex section is excellent

Bottom line:

   No regrets at all. Excellent product. Well worth waiting 6 months for.
   Highly recommended.

   The common street price looks like it's $995. Dealers still don't know
   when they'll get their next shipment. I recommend Rogue Music:

     Rogue Music
     Dick Michaels [roguemus@ix.netcom.com]

I have a lot of pressing stuff on my plate right now, but I will write up 
full babble "soon".

Of course, I still owe the world a large comparison I'm working on about 
the Q/Virus/Nord Modular. Ugh.

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