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Re: MIDI Data looping (Go to buzztrack.com)

> >> Speaking of Buzz, I must must must plug it all I can. It's incredible.
> >> Everyone needs it. It's not useful for realtime, but having grown up 
> >> trackers, I couldn't live without it. It's been compared to ProTools, 
> >> it's free! Anyone who composes anything must use it. USE IT.
> I dont think comparisons to Pro Tools are really accurate, it's not a
> recording
> program.. more like Max/MSP on a freeware windows angle. And by the way,
> what makes it not useful for realtime? It's a GREAT real time program.

This is admittedly true... Almost all parameters can be assigned to MIDI
CC and tweaked in realtime, but I have no ASIO compliant soundcard, so
latency is unmanageable in my case. I use it primarily as a composition
tool, having grown up on trackers, it's a very intuitive interface for me.
The pro tools comparison comes from the similar effects model, I think.