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EDP Video Dreams


> Sure, it is easy to imagine a "performance gesture" which involves
> simultaneous manipulation of several dozen parameters in a
> multichannel, multiloop, multieffect device. For example, you might
> want to crossfade from recording into loop 1 while loop 2 plays back
> at half speed with reverb, to, cross-connecting the feedback from
> loops 3 & 4 while fading out loop 2 and re-ordering the bars in
> loop1, etc etc etc.
> I don't know about others on this list, but I don't have enough
> appendages to simultaneously adjust 12 pedals or faders.

Say!  Is this what you mean by "no" in reply to the question of whether the
EDP is intuitive and easy to use?
I'd like to teach the world to loop in perfect harmony--but I have enough
trouble trying to create interesting improvisational music using an 
guitar with just enough reverb to get by into an EDP.  How complicated do 
want this to be?  I mean, am I gonna wind up wearing some cybersuit and
conducting a virtual orchestra while my audience looks at videos?
And along the same thread (really!), does Kim play out?  And do I have to 
to Brazil (or Switzerland) to see Matthias?
I really am using my EDP at my solo live gigs (who knows what these people
think of this stuff), and I would like to see looping become part of the
popular music performance world.  Isn't simple more accessible than 
Don't we want the audience to know where the music is coming from?  And
where can I go in San Diego to see somebody else using digital delays to
create loops in a live performance situation?