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Re: midi foot contoller

There has been quite a bit of discussion over a better EDP foot switcher.
Here is a tip Matthias gave us a while ago and what he is personally using.
Maybe we should really get this company(bepesco) to build them (or one of
you electronic wizards) for us! I have unfortunately no idea of electronics
but how complicated is it to build something like that?

I use modified bespeco pedals. They look exactly like the Roland.
The original construction has a long action. So I build a plastic
part into it to reduce it and use a keyboard  type of switch. I think
I talked about it before.

I showed the modified bespeco switches to Gibson (since we used them
for the PARADIS LOOP delay), but they did not like the price...

If there are more users interested, we should either
- convince some enterprise like bespeco to build those kind of switches or
- ask Gibson to manufacture a more expensive pedal or
- put a description of the mod on our site for DIY.

As for now, there are many higher priced, usualy tiny cylindric
switches that dont fail. You would have to adapt them with a washer
to fit in the whole and maybe adapt a bigger button...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org