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Re: Sustainer

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From: "Gareth Whittock" <whiteoak@dial.pipex.com>
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Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2000 1:40 AM
Subject: Re: Sustainer

> and how much for the unit ?

At http://www.sustainiac.com/ it says $199-$229 for the "stealth" models.  
you want them to install it in your guitar, you pay extra for the labor.  
for the Model B (the external unit that mounds on your headstock and has a
floor component which appears to be powered by a wall wart AC adaptor.

> and can you fit it yourself or do you have to send your guitar off to
> have it fitted ?

Model B requires very little labor.  The Stealths obviously require more
labor, but how much depends on whether routing and all that is required.  
web page has more and better info.

> I use an Ebow most of the time. I always got the impression that the
> sustainer was a little weak in terms of its attack.

I would guess it depends on the amp setup you use.  I would imagine the "no
pluck"/swelling attack would be plenty intense through a full Marshall 
:)  I personally am more interested in using normal guitaristic techniques 
supply the attack and letting the Sustainer add the sustain.

> I'd appreciate people's experience in this area.

In my limited experience, I find I prefer having the Sustainer circuit 
as opposed to pedal-activated (Model B) because I can adjust the intensity
with a quick knob twist right on the guitar.  And I already prefer it to 
E-Bow because I can use the full range of guitar techniques (not that I'm 
great, but the less restrictions the better).  Still, I'm keeping my E-Bow 
use with my bass and the ability to position it anywhere on the string (the
Sustainer pretty much stays in one place in relation to the string).