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Re: Damon, Why CF ?

At 4:33 PM -0400 8/8/00, Phaedebk@aol.com wrote:
>     How about doing something similiar with a (know they're not your cup 
>tea) but synth guitar wherein each string is sent to the device as its own
>separate loop (shameless RMC Fan-Out Box plug).  Hey, there's a 6 channels
getting used up rather quickly.

yeah, that is what I do with my electric contrabass, it has a pickup 
on each string and I run them into individual (software) loops via an 
8-channel sound card.

Kim's right about the interface potentially exploding, but I'm 
working on some easy-to-remember ways to control multiple loop sends 
from a single pedal and some other ways to mix their outputs without 
getting lost in knobs. At this level of complexity it is handy to 
have a bit-mapped display and soft buttons.