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Re: Sustainiac Sustainer

> Is it possible to power this thing via perhaps a stereo guitar 
>lead/modified jack input-sort-of-thing ? and how much for the unit ? 

It's possible, but with the long battery life I get, I'd hate to have a 
dedicated cable/pwr supply required to activate it. Relax and use a 

> and can you fit it yourself or do you have to send your guitar off to 
>have it fitted ? 

You can do either.

> I use an Ebow most of the time. I always got the impression that the 
>sustainer was a little weak in terms of its attack. 

It's gain is adjustable, as well as the pickup height, so it's pretty easy 
to dial it. You can get it to do the e-bow howl pretty well, but it's 
maybe not quite as intense as when you're really right over a pickup AND 
pushing it as close as it will go without stopping string vibration. You 
COULD use max gain and have the pickup way close, but I find myself liking 
a more moderate setting.