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RE: recommendation anyone?

IMHO, that's no longer the case.

However, you'll probably want to stay away from the usual guitar effectors;
roland, boss etc. I have a couple of 2120 in my stick rack, and there a
loads of fun, but I wouldn't call them high fidelity, especially the preamp


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Hi-I find that "high-quality rack-mountable multi-effect units" is an
oxymoron-if you really desire high quality I find single purpose dedicated
boxes cannot be duplicated in any way!If you really need *REVERB* you have
to look at tubes or LEXICON etc. You have to choose between simplify and
high quality IMHO  Good Luck...STANNER

>From: Mark Pulver <mark@redmoon-music.com>
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>Subject: Re: recommendation anyone?
>Date: Mon, Aug 7, 2000, 1:49 PM

> KB305@aol.com (01:29 PM 08.07.2000) wrote:
>  >I'm thinking I need to simplify my rig, so I'm searching out
>  >rack-mountable multi-effect units.  I'm not so fussy about price if
>  >durable as hell and sound good.  (I see no point in using crappy reverb
>  >my guitars and amps are first-rate.)
> What types of effects are you looking for in a box?
> It's hard to beat the delay fun that's hiding in a TC Electronic D-Two;
> Korg SDD-3300 is a *wild* triple delay machine that's VERY underrated; 
> Digitech Quad is a fun box for it's ability to run effects in various
> combinations of serial/parallel...
> For all the ripping and pushing that's been going on here around the
> Eventide machines, they are an awesome bundle of power. But, you'll pay
> it...
> For reverbs, the price/performance ratio of the TC Electronic M-One is
> incredible.
> And, not to sound like a broken record, but I really am taken by the
> Electrix gear. Talk about being built like a tank, easy to spin on stage,
> and nicely featured...
> Mark
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