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re: Korg SDD-3300

Mark Pulver <mark@redmoon-music.com> writes:

>btw, mine is the 500ms version and I've heard from other folks 
>talking about the 1600ms version, but no one seems to of ever seen 
>one. I *think* that the machine is based on BBD's (SAD1024's if I 
>remember right) and when I had mine open, I don't remember seeing 
>anything that looked like a way to gang up layers of SAD1024's in 
>order to triple the delay time.
>Soooo, guess what I'm about to ask you? :)
>Have you ever seen a 1600ms version of the box?
>I have a theory... I think that the 1600ms babble may of started 
>from a misnomer in a Korg product brochure which may of said 
>something like "up to 1600ms of delay time!" which would be true if 
>you set the machine up as 3 serial 500ms delay times (given that 
>we're talking about 5??ms and not a flat "500").
>Tell me I'm wrong Tom! Tell me that there IS a way to get 3 1600ms 
>delay lines out of this box! :)

sigh, sob, I was probably referring to the same reviews as you were:


Mika Salonoja <mika.salonoja@helsinki.fi> wrote:

>I play psychedelic pop, experimental stuff and strange space noises. 
>Early Pink Floyd and Hawkwind kinda
> stuff. SDD-3300 is at home with such styles. I've played +20 years. 
>My SDD-3300 is the older version with
> only 500ms of delay per unit, and that's a limitation. I wish a had 
>1600ms of delay. Anyone know how an
> update can be done?

the only other reference on that page says "delays up to 1600ms" 
which seems consistent
with the 5xxms time (perhaps it's 512?  then 1536 == 1600 in 
advertising mentality?)

oh, well.


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