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re: Korg SDD-3300

Tom Ritchford (05:30 PM 08.07.2000) wrote:

 >doesn't say whether it's the 500ms version or the full 1600ms version but
 >the top bid now is $105 or so...

Yeup... That's the one! Funky picture, the alternate pic is better though.

The last two of these I've seen go went for about $350 which is a great 
price. I wonder where his reserve is?

btw, mine is the 500ms version and I've heard from other folks talking 
about the 1600ms version, but no one seems to of ever seen one. I *think* 
that the machine is based on BBD's (SAD1024's if I remember right) and 
I had mine open, I don't remember seeing anything that looked like a way 
gang up layers of SAD1024's in order to triple the delay time.

Soooo, guess what I'm about to ask you? :)

Have you ever seen a 1600ms version of the box?

I have a theory... I think that the 1600ms babble may of started from a 
misnomer in a Korg product brochure which may of said something like "up 
1600ms of delay time!" which would be true if you set the machine up as 3 
serial 500ms delay times (given that we're talking about 5??ms and not a 
flat "500").

Tell me I'm wrong Tom! Tell me that there IS a way to get 3 1600ms delay 
lines out of this box! :)

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