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Re: Sustainer pickup review

> About your little review, I don't know if it's true but I heard that 
>this thing sucks batteries (9 V= 15 minutes)... 

Not even close! People say LOTS of stuff, but this is just not true...

>> I don't know if it's true or if the new system is better... The new 
>thing looks quite cool
(Sustainer+pickup in one single coil space)... 

Mine is the previous version with a single coil driver next to a single 
coil pu in a humbucking size hole. Some people put both on a single 
humbucker mounting plate, but I set mine up as 2 single coils so I could 
individually optimize their adjustmtents.

Battery life: I've been using mine since around July 15th and have gone 
through 2 batteries... this has been with erratic semi-regular use. 
Possibly 1-2 hours 2 times a week. I'd say I get WELL over 3-5 hours per 
battery. I'll know more after longer term usage. (I don't have it turned 
on all the time I'm playing either...)

> But if it's true about the battery, I think I'm going to keep my ebow...

This system SMOKES the ebow... I also use it more due to it's built-in 

> By the way, I don't have the EDP but it looks like a great unit... Much 
>better than my echotron.. But I never saw you talking about the sound's 
>quality... Is it warmer than most digital units???

I wasn't talking about the sound quality... But mine's pretty good... it 
IS digital y'know... Listen for yourself!