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Re: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

> Where did you end up getting it from? I've been
> lusting after one of these
> since I saw the prototype at NAMM in February. 

i got it at geeeetar center in san jose, ca. for $995.
 I think they one more in stock.  Gelb Music up the
coast sold the one they had and have more on the way
in a couple of weeks.

> The Crate Taxi is nice. I get a surprisingly good
> sound out of the Fender
> AmpCan which is tiny (the size of a can of house
> paint) and very portable
> for me. 

i've heard good things about the ampcan....I think it
is 15W compared to taxi's 30W.  My naive assumption is
that it might color the sound more than the crate
given that it seems to be marketed more as a guitar
amp, whereas the the crate / pignose also include the
terms "PA" or "keyboard" or the like in their
marketing literature.


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