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Re: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

Stephen (02:58 PM 08.07.2000) wrote:

 >It has four
 >tracks, but unfortunately it looks like you have to
 >stop the pattern and write the data to move to another
 >track (I haven't played with it enough to be sure

I think this is true as well, I can't remember what I found in playing at 
Summer NAMM. You can though overdub multiple parts onto a single track 
without stopping the sequencer.

Also, when summing up the value of the box, don't forget the two ribbons 
and the DBeam as controllers, the onboard effects and pitch, filters and 

The sequencer is also fully SMF compatible. You can create a multi-track 
sequence in the box and then dump the whole thing outside for editing and 
mashing with all the tracks separated plus any live playing that you may 
doing as well.

And the two ribbons and the DBeam show up as dedicated CC's, so they can 
used as controllers for the outside world. And And the ribbons can be 
assigned to trigger sounds or control a param of a sound mapped to a pad. 
And And And the DBeam is proximity aware (though I don't know if this is 
transmitted, it might as volume).

 >You can also map patterns to different sections of the drum surface.

And And And And all pads are velocity sensitive with the front two being 
positional sensitive as well. This allows for sidesticking a snare or 
rimming a timbale.


I got mine from Rogue Music, Dick Michaels <roguemus@ix.netcom.com>. They 
have a waiting list growing and the distributor doesn't have solid dates 
when the next batch will show up. I sent Dick email from Winter NAMM to be 
the first on his list. :)

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