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Re: Kim, some questions.....

Well, there ya go!  If only Gibson would get off their duff and do what 
did:  target China with their product.  Here are a few advertising slogans
they could use:

Over 1 Billion Sold
It's the Real Looper Thing
Always Loopy

Actually, I'd love to hear classical Chinese musical motifs applied with
looping, anyone doing this?

(will trade my working EDP for an Orville - na, just kidding!)

Kim Flint wrote:

> At 11:51 PM -0700 8/6/00, John Tidwell wrote:
> >I am reassured by your response, but maybe not
> >totally convinced. I can't help but think that even
> >Coca-Cola advertises,(not to mention Gibson guitars).
> >But, as you said, maybe we're just not to that point
> >of their strategic plan yet.
> I think coke probably has an unlimited supply of sugar and water to mix
> together. :-)  So advertising makes sense for them to increase sales and
> imprint their brand into every human brain on earth. ...