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Re: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Stephen wrote:

> I just picked up Roland Handsonic - a midi hand drum -
> WayWayWayKool(tm), and very accessable for anyone who
> has ever mistaken a table top for a drumming surface -
> http://www.rolandus.com/response.asp?id=r1_5_7_1 .  It
> has a number of fairly good ethnic drum sounds, and a
> very good tabla implementaion.

Where did you end up getting it from? I've been lusting after one of these
since I saw the prototype at NAMM in February. 

> So, trying to go portable with this gizmo, does anyone
> here have any experience / comments on portable
> battery-powered amplifiers?  I'm looking for something
> to be used for a variety of applications, but
> primairly synths.  I'm considering the pignose hog-30
> or the crate taxi (maybe the limo, which is 50W vs
> taxi's 30X).  It looks like the MaxiMouse is no longer
> in production.

The Crate Taxi is nice. I get a surprisingly good sound out of the Fender
AmpCan which is tiny (the size of a can of house paint) and very portable
for me. The Taxi might do better for drumming, though. Others' opinions? 

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