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RE: midi foot contoller

So you've replaced the Gibson foot pedal with the Rocktron. Interesting...
especially after I bounced out to the Rocktron site and saw it. I like the
fact that this pedal is so much more compact than the Gibson one...

Two questions though... sounds like you've solved the problems you
encountered in getting it to work with the Echoplex. Have you written down
and posted online what you had to do to get it to work with the Echoplex, 
other folks don't have to burden Kim and the others with the same questions
you had? Also, is the foot pedal large enough to prevent you from
inadvertently pressing the wrong switches? (i.e., are the switches far
enough apart for accurate live performance work?)

More generally, has anyone else found other switches that can be used
instead of the Gibson pedal?


>     Hey man, have you tried out Chuck Levin's ...
http://www.wmcworld.com  ?
They've come through for me on a few hard to find items.  As for the
All Access, I've been having quite a bit of success with mine after many an
email to Kim and several other people on this list and a few others.  Big
thing with these foot controllers is that you'll want to spend the extra
bucks on getting a hold of the expression pedals.  Really am digging the
in's and outs which the All Access is able to do.

    Tap on, loop extended, gliss out,