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Re: Damon, Why CF ?

> ...
> I suppose it depends on the application. A lot of people interested in
> multitrack looping are working with a variety of sound sources that they
> want on separate loop tracks. Imagine a percussionist with each drum
> separately mic'd. As he plays each is recorded on it's own loop track,
> which can then be manipulated and operated on individually. Ask Dennis, 
> would probably like that.

(Ulp!  My name gets mentioned!)

Yes, individual 'tracks' permit individual treatment of each track.  The
treatment may include EQ, reverb/delay/echo, level adjustment, and panning
(spatialization).  An advantage of "all-in-one" boxes like Kyma and 
Orville is
that you don't need an individual output (DAC) for each track, since the 
does the treatment (EQ, reverberation, level adjustment, etc) itself.

Dennis Leas