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EDP quality--another perspective

I've been reading "Vintage Synthesizers", the history of synthesizers from
Keyboard magazine, and it makes any complaints regarding the EDP seem
trivial.  And I say this as someone who's had 2/3 of my units fail in the
first week (both of these were the original Oberheim models, and were
cheerfully and quickly replaced by the vendor).  My new Gibson model is
working great once I figured out that it likes the input knob up much 
than my older boxes.

Anyway, after reading about $6K synthesizers that would only stay in tune
for 20 minutes before requiring several HOURS of retuning (the CP-80), the
various EDP woes don't seem that bad.  If the move to Trace "sticks" and
they successfully ramp up production and establish a speedy service
department, things will be rosy.