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Re: Damon, Why CF ?

At 1:42 AM -0700 8/7/00, PERILLE wrote:
>> remember that a looper needs to be able to read and write simultaneusly 
>> all of its channels. You need to be able to playback while you
>> record/overdub new stuff. That doubles the bandwidth...
>What should be the use of recording each channel at the same time for a
>single user ?
>This is mostly the case, one recording track at a time, isn't it ?

I suppose it depends on the application. A lot of people interested in
multitrack looping are working with a variety of sound sources that they
want on separate loop tracks. Imagine a percussionist with each drum
separately mic'd. As he plays each is recorded on it's own loop track,
which can then be manipulated and operated on individually. Ask Dennis, he
would probably like that.


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