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Re: Kim, some questions.....

Thanks Kim. I'm sorry if I came off a bit pessimistic,
but I'm sure you can understand my fear of seeing a
good product going down the tubes because of the
big-shots dropping the ball. We've all seen that

I am reassured by your response, but maybe not
totally convinced. I can't help but think that even
Coca-Cola advertises,(not to mention Gibson guitars).
But, as you said, maybe we're just not to that point
of their strategic plan yet.

I suppose it would be a daunting task to come up with
an ad that would do justice to the EDP. I've found
myself stumbling for words when trying to describe it
to others. "It's a delay, it's a sampler, it's an
effect, it's an instrument unto itself, it's a band
mate & practice buddy. Dagnabit, it's a looper!"

It is one of the smartest purchases I've ever made.

In short, I'm a greedy consumer who wants the stars to
align just right, so that one day, you & Matthias get
a shot at "Echoplex-The Next Generation".

By the way, in spite of its age, I would think that
the,(soon to be released?), EDP software upgrade would
warrant a new review from the major publications. Yes?

With regards,


John Tidwell

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