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Re: Looking for David Torn cd...

"Drag" is a terrific album, but if you're not really familiar with k.d.
lang, it's not the best place to start; being a collection of cover songs
with the common theme of Nicotine Addiction As A Metaphor For Love, it's a
bit of a rough introduction to Lang's strange little world.  Get "Ingenue"
instead (although Torn's not on that one).  DT's contributions on "Drag" 
very subtle.  He does some nice work on the intro and outro of "The Air 
I Breathe," but most of  his playing is buried in the mix, probably for the
best; I'm not sure how his usual, less-restrained style would have worked
with this type of music.


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> ...with the Jan Gabarek Group, "It's OK to Listen to the Gray Voice" ECM
> records. Does anybody know about the K.D.Lang CD, "Drag," Torn played on?
> not a big K.D.Lang fan, but he loops on a majority of the songs.
>                                    Cheers, James