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No Subject

I tend to agree with him
I would dearly love to own a looping tool with the potential of the echolplex, in fact I have been hanging out for years.
I have had a couple of edps on trial but they haver NEVER been in full working order. always crashing , creating nasty digital artifacts and the price in australian dollars $2000 for the box and $1000 for the pedal which translates to about us$1800, a joke!, right?!
So, what gives?
If I wanted a working edp, where do I get it? Will there be support, it sound like it is inevitable that some thing goes wrong.
The repeater sounds like an affordable solution.
ps : are there any australian loopers on the list? your all invited to
La Bar 291 Oxford St.
Sept 29 8.30-11.30
Edwina Blush    Vocals
Trevor Brown    Guitar, Bazouki, Flute, Saxophones, electronics
Jodi Martin & Liz Frencham
sublime harmonies , dobro and DBass.