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Re: CompactFlash VS SmartMedia

>At 5:55 AM -0700 8/5/00, PERILLE wrote:
>Repeater works with CompactFlash ?
>But why not Smartmedia which is 5 times faster and much more communly
>used with japaneese samplers now ?

For some reason I never got this original message. Oh well... We chose 
Flash for a number of reasons. For one it is more beer proof that 
It's memory capacity is also ever growing.  The largest card of 
type II is now at 300 MB. Smart media has toped out at 64 MB. check out
http://www.sandisk.com/support/main_technical_support.html. SanDisk is 
more investment in this format making new versions that are faster and 
Plus we have a few secret reasons :p. Kim, you should be able to get all 
specs you need on CompactFlash VS SmartMedia on the Sandisk site
http://www.sandisk.com .

>Smartmedia sockets availability I suppose ?
>Our world is lead by the japaneese industry anyway ...

>...and the PC industry where I work. To me this means we not bother with
>storage media for each device. Musical instruments last a long time for 
>rapidly evolving storage media - whatever you use will be obsolete and 
>long before the instrument. Instead look towards communication
>interfaces.....maybe bluetooth or 802.11...everything in your studio could
>simply transmit wirelessly to your laptop or PDA...

That would be sooooo nice.