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Re: Damon, Why CF ?

Chris Muir (01:14 PM 08.06.2000) wrote:

 >At 12:58 PM -0500 8/6/00, Mark Pulver wrote:
 >>Repeater is obviously laid out as a 4 track machine which we're 
 >>to be 4 stereo tracks. I don't think that Damon has said anything about
 >>sample rate, but I would be more likely to assume 44.1khz over 48khz.
 >Actually, it looks to me like four mono tracks, or two stereo tracks. It's
 >a little hard to tell in the sort of blurry front panel rendering, but 
it >looks to me like pressing track buttons 1 & 2 together links them as a
 >stereo pair (the same with tracks 3 & 4).

Good point... Especially with the back panel showing direct out's for 1-4, 
unless they're stereo jacks. :)

I was doing some hopeful thinking, then factoring in that the unit 
obviously sees L&R in and then pondering as to why in this day and age of 
inexpensive DSP power would someone make a 4 track mono/2 track stereo 
recorder? :)

Thanks Chris. I guess we'll see!

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