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Re: Base Pack S.R.L.

At 4:59 PM -0700 8/5/00, pvallad1 wrote:
>I checked out the mailing list archives at the website, and sure enough, 
>email addresses of each and every single person who has ever posted here 
>archived along with their posts.

yes, the list has always been archived, and that has always been the case.
You've been here for years and you just noticed? :-)

>eGroups has a feature where it "mangles" the email addresses of list 
>in its web-hosted mailing list archives.  Any chance of introducing a 
>feature for the archives for this list?

no. that seriously reduces the usefulness of the archive. A person looking
for specific information might find some useful posts and wish to follow up
to the authors with further questions. they can easily get the email
address and do that, hopefully getting the info the are looking for.
(people contact me in this way quite frequently, and I do what I can to
help them out.)  Or maybe the are looking for somebody with particular
interests for collaboration and find somebody in the archive. They can
contact that person directly and maybe something happens.

To me, this is in keeping with the community spirit the web held when it
started, and the spirit in which Looper's Delight has always been based.
I'm not interested in losing that. That would mean the spammers win.

>I guess I've been bothered by this because I have a hotmail account which 
>used as the "spam-magnet" and this account that I'm using for this list is
>supposedly for communications with people I trust.     I could use email
>filtering, but spammers now routinely change their fake "from" addresses. 
> I
>guess I'll have to live with it for now.

This list has always been a public and open forum, fully visible to the
world. Even on the list, about 75% of the subscribers never post at all and
we have no idea who they are. That's pretty true of most lists I'm on. If
all that bothers you, use your hotmail account for mailing lists.

I get tons of spam, probably a lot more than you get. I found long ago that
complaining to ISPs and sysadmins, attempting to find magic filtering
rules, using different mail addresses, or even worrying about it at all was
a total waste of time compared to simply using the delete key.

in anycase, this is not very topical. send me mail if you want to discuss
it any more.


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