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Kim, some questions.....

Like a lot of other folks on the list, I'm looking
forward to seeing what the Electrix Repeater will do.

Even though I don't currently own any Electrix equip-
ment, I'm well aware of their name thru advertisements
& product reviews. I'm quite sure I will be seeing
plenty of ads & reviews on the Repeater. Which brings
me to my questions...

Why have I never seen an ad for the EDP? It was only a
stroke of luck on my part that I received a catalog
from Thoroughbred Music some years ago that actually
contained a photo & description of the EDP. If not for
that, I would still be drawing on my memories of the
1970s when I heard the word "Echoplex". As a matter of
fact, I only became aware of "Loopers Delight" because
I had to web-search for ANY info on the EDP.

Does Gibson intend to run any ads for the EDP. Will
we see any product reviews when the upgrade is finally
released? I hate to think that the EDP might die
another slow death simply because people have to
subscribe to "Loopers Delight" to be aware of it.

Kim, I know you don't call the shots on how Gibson
spends their advertising dollars, but you're certainly
in a better position than I am to understand it.

What gives?


John Tidwell

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