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Re: Why CompactFlash, Damon ?

perille@club-internet.fr wrote:

>Repeater works with CompactFlash ?
>But why not Smartmedia which is 5 times faster and much more communly
>used with japaneese samplers now ?
>Smartmedia sockets availability I suppose ?
>Our world is lead by the japaneese industry anyway ...

That's very interesting, I didn't know that there was a speed
difference between the two formats!  Is it intrinsic in the media,
is there a URL somewhere with more technical information?

The speed issue aside, CompactFlash is apparently more widely used
on cameras and the like... I have about 250MB already in CompactFlash
cards for various uses and I'm really happy that I can just continue
to use the same format.

The format has been completely reliable for me -- I've taken well over
ten thousand photos with not a single loss (that I noticed, that is...)


(OT: here's an excellent, detailed, technical article about lossy audio
compression techniques like mp3 and RealAudio:

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