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Godin Glissentar Response

Hello folks.....One of you asked about the new Godin Glissentar, that was 
introduced at Namm.  I thought I'd respond, since I am familiar with the 
instrument.     I was pleased to have had an opportunity at Namm, to try 
the prototype.  Delivery has not begun on these models, yet, I am told. I 
picked up the catalog at Namm, and I'm certain Robert Godin wouldn't mind 
forwarding a copy of the page on the Glissentar to your attention, if you 
would like it.  It's an rtf file and may take considerable time to 
So, I'll only forward it on request.  Robert Godin is  quite excited about 
this new product which he has designed, personally. 

This is a very unique instrument, a fretless 11 string.  Nylon strings are 
tuned in standard guitar tuning... unison for the first five pairs, and 
sixth string is a single low E string.  The instrument takes a little time 
(not much) to get used to it.  Sort of sounds like a fretless nylon string 
with a sitar-like flair to it.  It's great for World Beat / World Rhythm / 
New World music where you want to have a specialty East / West sound in 
mixes.  Personally, I believe it's more well suited to single note melody 
improvisation, than it is for chording....but, that may be only because I 
didn't have enough time to "mess with it at the show!"  Also, I've not had 
much experience with a fretless anything...so, that alone was new to me.  

>From the 2000 Godin Catalog:

A-11 Glissentar
More than ever before, musicians are mixing sounds and musical styles from 
all over the world. This often involves the mixing of Eastern and Western 
music, such as using a Sitar in a Western musical setting or using western 
instruments to imitate the sounds in Eastern music. 

The Glissentar was inspired by a similar desire to mix elements of East 
West, but in this case, in the instrument itself. In a nutshell, it's an 
eleven string, fretless, acoustic/electric instrument, strung with nylon 
strings and tuned to standard guitar tuning.

The Western part of the equation is easy to recognize as a variation on 
guitar. All of the instrument's basic dimensions -- scale length, body 
and depth, fingerboard radius and string height -- are fairly standard for 
acoustic/electric guitars.

The Eastern influence in the Glissentar comes from the Oud, an ancestor of 
the Mandolin that dates back to the seventh century. The Oud is also an 
eleven string fretless instrument and is still in use today, primarily in 
Armenia and Egypt.

Adapting to this new instrument is actually a great deal easier than it 
appears. The shape and scale of the neck and the easily visible side 
markers help to give the Glissentar a very familiar feel.

The Glissentar opens the door to microtonal playing as well as some 
incredible and unique new sounds for adventurous guitar players.

I've got one on order.....think it will prove to be very interesting in 
studio and on stage.  It's a specialty instrument, and a real cool 
for the player that already has one of each of everything else in his / 
toolbox.  It should prove to be a nice addition to the arsenal.  I'm 
about it, because I believe it will open some new opportunities to me 
personally, as regards my "world rumba flamenca / jazzamenco" music.  I'm 
certain new tunes will be written around this instrument, too.

Robert Godin, goes out of his way to create new and innovative guitar 
concepts, and I've been very impressed with the new Classical (12 fret 
Multiac, and the LGX-SA.  Good quality for the money, and great tone, too! 

I've visited their plant in Canada, as I am one of the firms artist 
endorsees.  The folks up there are great, as are the products and support. 
They are now one of the largest suppliers / manufacturers of stringed 
instruments in North America.  They build a lot of guitars...and good ones 

Trusting I've provided you with some insight as regards the Glissentar, I 

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Regards, Wayne Wesley Johnson

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