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EDP, midi, BrotherSync

--- Jordan Pease <jordanpease@webtv.net> wrote:
> Also- I always use my EDP (and Jamman) synced to a drum machine and
> sometimes with multiple record/erase steps I'll loose sync. This
> happens with the Jamman. Am I alone in this ? Could it be related to
> having two EDPs hooked together for stereo operation ?
> Kim ? Mathis ? Beuler ? Anyone ?
> Thanks, Jordan
We have sync'd an interactive drum machine via midi to an EDP with no
sync problems.  We have done this with 3 EDP BrotherSyn'd together,
with 1 of the EDP midi sync'd to an interactive drum machine, with many
record/erase/reverse/next loop/multiply changes with No sync problems. 

For an audible example of this configuration in use live, go to


and listen to 'Romp Roast, Turnup Greens', or 'Talk' or 'Kudzu'.  

The  other songs on this page that have drums were looped live playing
into the EDPs (no midi, just BrotherSync).

Please use hifi play, or hifi download if you want to hear sonic
details.  For true fidelity, contact brothersync@yahoo.com to buy our
CD, 'Expect Delays'
(shameless promotion over)

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