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RE: The Best Loopers

With respect to the SP-808, I have one too and yet I still rely mostly on 
my Echoplexes.

The SP-808 has many strengths that I would not deny, but it is not a real 
time looper. After completing a sampling operation, it pauses for several 
seconds to process the sample. Then you need to hit another button to play 
the sample. Also, sound output 
is muted duing the sampling operation.That does not keep the flow going 
like an EDP!

For offline manipulation of samples it is way cool, but will it never 
replace my EDP or DL6? No.

Brother K

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Roland SP-808 is a great box.  I have one and I love it.  It's dedicated to
phrase sampling, and therefore is very responsive and intuitive to use as
such.  It also has a 4 track digital recorder/sequencer (which is not as
intuitive).  It's a very deep unit and I've just scratched the surface, but
it's really quite an amazing thing.  It has an fantastic selection of high
quality effects which can be used pre and post sample and a d-beam
controller which can drive any parameter and is just fucking cool no matter
how you slice it.  The biggest drawback is that it uses Zip discs and a
proprietary format to store everything, but this is just a minor annoyance,
since you will want to back up anything that you plan to keep around for a
long time- I've had a zip go bad on me and it was an unpleasant experience
to say the least.  It's about $1000 and is worth every penny.

If you are ONLY going to be doing looping, the Electrix Repeater has
everyone drooling, but it's not available yet.  There will more-than-likely
be waiting lists to get them when it is finally released.


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Subject: The Best Loopers

Hi all,

Okay, this is my first post, so if there's an archive I can go to and get
this information, please let me know by posting a URL... :-)

I'm just wondering what the best looper to use is? I know there's the
Echoplex, the Lexicon (MPG2 I think), the Akai, etc., etc.

Which looper device do you all consider to be the best looping device on 
market? I'm planning to spend about $1500 for this so would appreciate
something in that range (or less)... in fact, PREFERABLY much less!

If you have one you think is the best, please tell me why you think it's 
best... what features or sounds does it have that the others don't?

Thanks! I'm looking forward to your responses...

A Newbie for Now...