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RE: loop example

Sounds nice... really liked the jazz...

but... help me out here... I'm very new to looping; in fact, I don't even
have anything to loop with (yet)... so I'm definitely still learning about

My question is: which parts did you loop? Sounds like pretty straight ahead
jazz to me...


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> Subject: loop example
> Everyone likes to show off examples of their loop-work, here's
> mine, fresh
> from the studio:
>  <A HREF="http://redroad.iuma.com/">Red Road - index page - Free MP3
> downloads, CDs, Bio Info, Tour Dates, Lyrics and More!"</A>
> (or http://redroad.iuma.com if the above is not a link for your browser)
> Click on the track 'Hello Dolphin'.
> k