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Re: xenakis and "drumming" and Jam Man

Out of production?  Damn!  I'd only gotten the CD - and prefer the quality
of the Video, which isn't so overmixed.  Maybe it's the Niles Rodgers
effect?  Or no?  I know folks both who consider Niles a producing god, and
the opposite... So I remain non-committal out of non-experience. :)

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"Peter Shindler" <shindler@mediaone.net> put forth:

> Ya mean "Home of the Brave."  I think I wore out the videotape at
> media center watching it so many times.  So disappointed to find out
> recently that it's out of production.  If you can find it at your local
> video store, take a look!
> And my cassette does credit a certain "David Van Tieghem" with percussion
> several tracks.  How totally cool.  LD just gets better and better.
> Peter
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> > Zowee!  we get some celebrities around here, don't we?
> >
> > Hi, David, wow...it's been a long time since i've heard your name.  i
> > didn't know you were on this list.  the last time i heard your name was
> the
> > Laurie Anderson film that had you and Adrian Belew in it...what was the
> > name of that?