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Re: xenakis and "drumming" and Jam Man

David Van Tieghem wrote:

> Hi,
> Xenakis' "Bohor 1" is one of the most incredible pieces I've ever heard.
> Does anyone know if there has been any re-release on CD of this?
> All I know of is the Nonesuch LP from the 70's which I still have.
> Xenakis' music is certainly more "mathematical" than Reich's, though 
>"Bohor 1"
> in particular has an organic, sound-exploration quality to it that was 
> inspiring to me early in my career...


welcome to the list. i have enjoyed your music enormously over the years. 
as for
xenakis, i've yet to find bohor I reissued on cd (and i won't be able to 
nonesuch's site until i download the latest flash upgrade :-(.

i do have a pretty cool disc which includes concret p-h II. it's called 
modulations: vintage volts - cage, schaeffer, et al." on caipirinha 
track list as follows:

1. Imaginary Landscape no 1, John Cage
2. Etude aux chemins de fer, Pierre Schaeffer
3. Concret PH, Iannis Xenakis
4. Silver Apples of the Moon, Morton Subotnick
5. Tete et queue du dragon, Luc Ferrari
6. Treni d'onda a modulazione d'intensita, Vittorio Gelmetti
7. Incantation, Otto Luening
8. Piece for Tape Recorder, Vladimir Ussachevsky
9. Bicycle Built for Two, Max Mathews


lance g.