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Re: xenakis and "drumming" and Jam Man

At 10:23 PM -0700 8/2/00, David Van Tieghem wrote:

>Anyway, does anything exist like a stereo Jam Man?  Or is that coming
>with the Repeater?

there is Emmanuel Perille's DJRND2, I think it does 14 stereo loops at a 

The gibson/oberheim echoplex is designed to sync up with other echoplexes,
so two (or more) can easily be put together as a stereo pair and operated
as one. Many people do that. This setup has the nice advantage that at any
time you can also use them independently, either with some synchronized
relationship between them or unsynchronized for the phasing tricks you were
talking about.

I've heard of people using jammans paired together like that too, but
jamman wasn't explicitly designed for it so there may be some bugs in that

various stereo delays have limited loop functions, but won't be the same as
using a jamman, echoplex, etc. Vortex is stereo too, although with much
shorter loop time.

mostly all described on the Looper's Delight tool pages:


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