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Re: New Godin instrument (sort of OT)

> Has anyone here heard of the new instrument that Godin announced at NAMM?
> They are calling it the Glissentar and it seems pretty groovy if you are
> into non-western or microtonal music. The only info I have seen is from 
> NAMM report on Harmony Central:
> http://namm.harmony-central.com/SNAMM00/Content/Godin/PR/Glissentar.html
> I couldn't find any additional info on Godin's site and was wondering if
> anyone here knew anything else about it, or was at the summer NAMM and
> played one, what were your impressions?

I saw it also at the Harmony Central site.  It looks like the guitar 
an idea from the oud, which is also an 11-string instrument (all but the
bottom string are doubled).

Can't wait for my own fretless guitar to arrive from fretlessguitar.com 
basically a fretless version of the Fernandes Sustainer Native Pro guitar).