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Re: K2000 Samples>Mac

This comes up on the Kurzlist.  To understand this, you have to separate 
concept of *samples*, which make up keymaps, which patches are usually
centered around and which are digital audio segments, from the concept of
*patches or programs* which are SysEx maps of the programs layers, DSP, 
Peak will read the samples via SMIDI or better yet over SCSI, but not the
patches.  Recycle will also talk with the K2k in this way.  Spark might 
but not sure.  These apps will load, edit, and unload the samples, but not
the patches.  Get it?  For the patches, you'd use an editor/lib, like Sound
Diver, Unison, Galaxy.  These however don't store and edit the samples.  
ideal, but using these both you can get things done.  I'm not sure if there
is an app that will open the K format patches directly, I load patches 
on a drive to the K2k then load them into Galaxy, etc.
hope this helps, Ben SF CA USA
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> Subject: K2000 Samples>Mac
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> Does anyone know of a program or solution that will allow me to open a
> Kurzweil K2000 sample on my Mac?  I was going through my old floppies and
> came upon my sample collection from the K2000 workstation I worked on in
> the UVM electronic music lab.  My drive will recognize the disks but the
> files are come up as unknown.  Any suggestions?
> Best, Sean