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Electrix Repeater Wish List

>Firstly we would love to hear everyones looper wish-lists. If any one 
>to send looper wishlists without cluttering and irritating this 
>group then send it to support@electrixpro.com


First of all, per individual track;

I'd like to be able to switch to overdub directly out of record (makes
nicer loops).

I'd like to seamlessly dupe the original segment "X" number of times, to
build tracks to overdub over (like the Echoplex's multiply).

I'd like to be able overdub on the track after pitchshifting,
timestretching/compressing, speed changes, reversing, and then switch
pitchshifting, etc., again. It's important that this is all seamless, no
stopping etc, unlike the original Boomerang software.

Lock the playback "speed" to multiples/divisors of midiclock on the fly
(like MO-FX). You should be able to have all tracks on different
multiples/divisors of midiclock and be able to easily change them.
Interesting sounding audio hiccups are allowed...


Select combinations of tracks for manipulation, for example, tracks 1, 3,
and 4 are "selected", and can then be pitchshifted, time
compressed/expanded, etc., simultaneously. Extra points if these
manipulations can be relative or absolute (if track 1 is at 1/4 speed,
track 2 at original speed, then a relative speed change of 2x should give
me track 1 at 1/2 speed, and track 2 at double speed. An absolute change
changes them both to double speed).

Be able to load from compact flash to an individual track while the other
tracks are looping...

Looking forward with anticipation (and credit card in hand...)