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RE: (LONG) Beating up on the Electrix Repeater before it even gets here.

Firstly we would love to hear everyones looper wish-lists. If any one wants
to send looper wishlists without cluttering and irritating this disscussion
group then send it to support@electrixpro.com 

Now lets answer a few questions.

>Quickly establish the groove of your song by
>     instantly grabbing perfect drum loops.


>is there something like glitch-protection
>(pardons to members of Glitch who might be reading this)
>that stops clicks appearing in the audio?

>Is there a way to tune the loop length a little bit?
>It would be REALLY interesting if the looper kept even
>a few seconds before and after the start and end of the loop
>so you could stretch out the loop and fix sloppy looping.

It goes somthing like that.....


>Overdub unlimited guitar lines.

>"unlimited". hmm.

>overdubbing:  how does that work?  can you bounce tracks
>from one (or more?) of the 4! loops onto another one?

>there are four interesting looking faders there...

It will overdub just like a Jamman on a single track. Or you can record to 
new track for more control over the mix and FX.



>does that mean you can perform EVERY function on the front from
>some sort of foot controller?  (being able to do every function
>through MIDI counts fine.)

Some with a 3 button foot controller, everything with MIDI.


>Add keyboards or vocals and change the
>     tempo or key without loosing audio quality.

>So there's some sort of time compression == pitch shifting
>software in there, is that right?  Please tell us more!

Our parent company, IVL Technologies, is a technology leader in pitch
shifting algorithms (found in T.C. Electronic and d8b Mackie products)
Needless to say we are all in the same building......


>Sync your loop to any source using MIDI clock or Audio Beat

>Ooh, ooh, ooh.  Well, I can't be critical about that if it works.

it's going to work ;>


>     well as Mac/PC compatibility.

>there don't appear to be any serial or USB ports on it... if this just
>really means "excellent MIDI implementation" I'll be happy.

Like you said, your computer uses compact flash. Just use the "sneaker net"
to transfer files back and forth. With a $30 USB Compact Flash reader the
CFC will mount on your computer like a disk allowing you to move files back
and forth with ease.

>A few more questions....


>what about modulation delays, like the super timeline?  It's one of the
>big reasons I got the evil DL4 delay (which is great but causes me great
>sorrows in concert at times.)
>If so, it would be great if you had a choice of LFOs (like sin, sq, tri,
>ramp*2, random, external like a footpedal.)
>ANY LFOs, etc?
>Any LFOs or function generators or envelope generators in this unit at

I would suggest putting an Electrix FilterFactory and a Mo-FX on the
Repeater FX loop.

Best Regards,

Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Electrix / IVL 
"No Creative Barriers"
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100