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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #236

You obviously know how to drive this thing Dennis. I'm trying to immerse
myself in it while still working to pay for it. I like the EDP/Kyma idea
though i can't run to it just yet. What about the sound quality of the
EDP? One of the reasons I bought Kyma is the pristine sound quality of
the Capybara. I'm used to using a Zoom 8080 and intend to incorporate
that as my MIDI interface since I'm so familiar with it. I intend to use
Kyma live and in the studio. 
Do you use Kyma live - in quad?
Please send me any sounds that incorporate looping/delays/mangling. They
might help me get started.


> Yes!  Kyma is the deepest I've seen.  I'd live/eat/sleep with that
> manual for a
> good long while!
> I have some Sounds I've written for Kyma that I'd be pleased to send
> you.  I
> want to polish them up a little first.  Do you plan on using your
> system live or
> in-studio (or both)?
> Do you have an EDP?  Several of my Sounds communicate between the Kyma
> and EDPs.
> I am hugely biased toward both EDPs and Kyma.  IMHO, the EDP is
> first-rate
> regarding the user interface.  I never realized how good it is until I
> tried
> looping purely on the Kyma.  I found that I depended a lot on the EDP
> display to
> tell me what is happening. E.g., I press RECORD, then look at the EDP
> to confirm
> I'm really recording; likewise, with OVERDUB, MULTIPLY, etc.  Also, I
> use the
> EDP time/sync display tell me where I am.  On the other hand, the EDP
> is a
> closed system.  It does what it does and ONLY what it does.
> So the EDP is great for building up loops, not so good for
> post-construction
> mangling.  The Kyma is not so good for loop-construction, but fabulous
> for
> mangling.  Even a basic Kyma system supports four channels.
> My solution is to view the EDPs as input devices to the Kyma system.
> I can use
> the EDP normally, building up a loop through whatever complexity I
> want.  Then I
> can tap a switch and capture that loop into the Kyma. 


> So I have four loops, the master from
> the EDP, and
> three slave loops.  I have four speakers in a quad set-up with each
> loop in a
> different speaker.  Then I have a "ClapDetector" (no, it's not a
> medical thing!
> it's a Kyma Sound of mine) control the quad panning.  Each time I clap
> my hands
> (or hit my claves, etc), the sounds rotate.  The faster I clap, the
> faster they
> rotate.  Big time fun!
> Dennis Leas