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New Godin instrument (sort of OT) copywrite question??

Yo I want to put sustainer pickups in my Godin guitar.  Someone sent me an 
address   HooverA@toe.com  it didn't work....  Miko are you back from 
Iowa...  this may sound corny but I miss you....Hey where did you get the 
sustainer pickups you put on your guitar...My CD project is being mastered 
the next couple of days.

Another question??? semi OT  I am wanting to do 2 song by other artists.  
Jackson Browne and Jane Siberry and 2 prayers by Marianne Williamson.  How 
does the copywrite law work?  Do I need permission or can I pay them 
royalties?   I get different answers.   Thanks Papa Dave

>Hey Kids,
>Sorry for the Off Topic post, but since this seems to be a list full of
>multi-instrumentalists seeking to stretch boundaries, it seemed as good a
>place as any to bring this up...
>Has anyone here heard of the new instrument that Godin announced at NAMM?
>They are calling it the Glissentar and it seems pretty groovy if you are
>into non-western or microtonal music. The only info I have seen is from 
>NAMM report on Harmony Central:
>I couldn't find any additional info on Godin's site and was wondering if
>anyone here knew anything else about it, or was at the summer NAMM and
>played one, what were your impressions?
>Just curious.
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