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RE: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

So does that mean you recommend it?



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From: italo de angelis [mailto:italoop@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 3:51 AM
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Subject: Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

>Would you mind telling us more about your Orville please?
>In Australia only top level studio's can justify Eventide as its too
>expensive and has lower perceived second hand value compared to Lexicon 
>TC Electronic.
>Before people  talk about the reverb comparisons between Lex and Eventide
>Lexicon PCM's have always been popular but around $6000 + pc cards too
>expensive,  TC Electronic is deemed to be offering more innovative 
>than Lexicon in the last couple of years.
HI Steven! Well I never consider those issues regarding second hand price,
just go for the real quality of the box and its creative power.
We all know that Laxicon, TC & Eventide are the top guys in the business.I
know most of their units, all the PCMs, LXPs and MPXs, 300 and 480,
TC2290,M2000, M5000, M3000, G-Force, Fireworx, H3000s, DSP4000s etc.
Regarding prices: Orville is the top Eventide unit and its list price in US
is 5700$. Lexicon new 960L goes up to 15000$ and TC top System 6000 starts
from 8700$...so as you see who is expensive???
There is a lot of misknowledge and confusion about this issue out there; 
of the problems is that Eventide Audio is a small branch of a larger
company, working in airplane navigation systems on computers, so they don't
put all their resources into the audio part or into its ads and promotion.
Nevertheless Eventide builds the most powerful and creative science toy
available on earth, ORVILLE!!! This box can do things that other companies
top products cannot EVEN DREAM of doing...Into Orville you get 2 powerful
dsps, each one is like 4 Lexicon PCM80/81s or 4 Event. DSP4000s, just to
give you an idea. Inside Orville you can allocate dsps power and audio
memory building algorithms as you like, repeating structures, setting up 
8 or 6 VERY HIGH QUALITY stereo verbs that stand very well against
Plus you can build synths; you have the best pitch shifters around,
including the new Ultrashifter that can recalculate the formants of any
sound, avoiding that nasty Donald Duck or Giant voice artefacts common il
ALL the others shifters on the market...you should hear it! Moreover you
have a 3 minutes sampler with real time editing, time 
shifting, looping and other features that you would find only on top brand
models of EMU or AKAY. You can download the full manual at www.eventide.com
together with thei cool freeware Vsig that allows anybody to program the
unit on a PC, starting from a cheap & miserable 486!!! Now they have 
a remote controller for Orville and DSP7000, working with up to 4 units in 
network! Who else goes so far??? What is really light years ahead is the
simplicity of the concept behind Orville: it's a high quality software &
hardware audio computer in which you can build anything you might ever 
so that you don't have to buy an XXX for verb, a YYY for pitch shifting, a
ZZZ for quality delays, a KKK for dynamics and so on...this way it's much
cheaper and worx better...no cables, no mixers. 8inputs/8outputs, half
analog, half digital...every internal dsp has 4 ins/4outs...you can patch
them any way you like, beyond all the ordinary mono, stereo, split, serial
or parallel configurations...even internal loop structure is
allowed...making up for absolutely new algos...fx are stellar, EQs are
amazing...you can build 32 bands stereo graphic eqs  or parametric eqs,
great compressors, new things like harmonix extractors!!! 4.20 minutes of
delay memory to loop your neck off... midiclock, taptempo, reverse delays
and shifters w/32 sec. delay, totally customizable graphical analog
interface with sliders, Vu-meters, pots, monitors and texts, triggers and
even a relay to switch electric contacts on/off...like a mixer gooseneck
This unit allows the user to build anything, things like vocal synths or 
synths are only HERE...post production fx, noises, ambients are only here,
thanxs to oscillators and white noise generators...low-fi and audio 
can be as BAD as you like...a real bastard!!! Hi-FI...well no use to talk
about this..it's Eventide. Don't worry about second hand prices...you'll
never sell a box like this...it will grow on you and be kept updated from
many years to caome by the factory; they still make H3000 from the 80s!!!
Who else does it? My PCM80 lasted for about 2
years...Jamman?...Vortex?...Orville is Quadraphonic...have you ever heard a
real Quad verb? An audio source panning in a Quad mixer? Missing some joys
of life...get the manuals...read them...save your pennies and the market
will NOT bother you for a long long long time ahead...cheaper and better
than the others...you'll agree.
www.eventide.com/oupdate is a site to download the latest software for
Orville and fot users' presets exchange...again...who else does this???
NOHOPE...frankly...ciao ITALO

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