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Re: German Looper

Title: Re: German Looper
I suspect you're referring to Warr Guitarist Markus Reuter.  Search the web for "Europa String Choir".  He's put out an album or two of looped solo stuff.


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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 22:54:51 -0400
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a few weeks back I stumbled on some music from a german looper, and I found
it the best loops I've heard yet.  But I didn't bookmark his page, and I
can't find him anymore.  I remember having read he is playing since the
early 70's and he has taken Guitar Craft lessons for a couple of years.  His
solo's are very frippo´d, as he calls them, but his rhythms and loops are
very original to my knowledge.
Does anyone have any idea who I'm on about?